Sunday, August 26, 2012

Peacefulness- How do we achieve it when we are always waiting? How do we Master the tests of Patience?

As I started my day, I began to ponder the lesson we each are repeatedly taught or rather given regarding patience.  I read a post from someone; which started me thinking about exactly how much waiting we do in a given day, week, month, year. lifetime etc.  It seems that no matter who you are; there are constant trials or tests of one's patience.

I would like you to peruse or try a one day experiment or longer if you desire.  Take a journal, or IPAD, pad and pen {still my preferred approach :-) }  Start writing down or entering your totals starting with getting up in the morning.

Take a day...just one day...and journal or make a mental note of:
 a/ How you handle the waiting
b/ How long you are waiting
c/ How many hours are you actually NOT Waiting

When you think about how many hours we spend awake 16 hours a day (some people like myself have sleep less than 8 hours).  Most people work about 8 hours a day; which leaves 8 hours of the day left.  How long do you wait in traffic during your commute in traffic to work?  How long do you wait in line to check out for coffee, groceries, clothing, etc, purchases? How long do you wait in the waiting room for doctor's appointments, etc.?  How long do you sit waiting for the traffic light to change to green? How long do you wait to be seated at a restaurant for dining out OR how long do you wait while the meal is being cooked?How much time do we wait for technology to function?  We have been programmed to expect everything immediately.  The list of How Longs is actually endless...

My Point, in all of this,  is not to depress or stress anyone out; but rather, to propose a strategy to live 
more peacefully.   You can either choose to react negatively and unhappily every time OR choose to rise above the negative reactions to a place of peacefulness by using the time waiting wisely.  

I, personally, am a list writer.  These days I bring my pen and pad with me everywhere I go.  I have a list of the many things I need to handle along with a strategy on how to tackle as much as I can in a day; while finding time to have some fun.  I am not always successful at the fun part (I am still learning too); but nonetheless, accomplish a lot and stay happy or peaceful.

I also try to make at least one person smile whenever I am in a line etc.  It lifts everyone's mood including my own.  Facebook can be a great diversion if you are not driving.  I will often get inspired to take pictures; while I am out and about.  I will post them and write some words to go along with them.

I think of what I need to do in my heart of hearts to be happy, to help others etc.  There are also moments; when I think about all the things I am grateful for.  Other times, I will say prayers or affirmations.  The ideas are endless.  What would you add as ideas to pass the time productively?

I have become a much more peaceful person as a result of consciously staying happy.  I also find that the additional lessons of patience thrown my way have reduced.  I am very grateful for this too.

My Wish for Each of You Today.....May you find a way to alter your reactions to be always from a place of unconditional love.  After all, ONLY LOVE IS REAL.

Wishing you Divine Blessings Always and Much Love,  Julia 

 LOL...The Ice Cream truck just drove by playing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"  Then, changed over to when the Saints Come Marching In."  Very interesting indeed. :-)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Reading Prosperous Year

I was guided to pull 8 cards for the year 2012. I was asked to deliver a channeled set of messages to go along with them regarding the upcoming year. The 8 cards are: Healing, confidence, love, triumphant, blessings of abundance, peacefulness,Steady progress and Believe.

We are entering a time of instant manifestation. It is recommended to watch and consciously control our thoughts to bring into ones life positive loving energies to self, others and the planet. For those who master this concept; the year will be prosperous, love filled and peaceful.

We are all starting the new year; where many of are still clearing beliefs, emotions etc., which no longer serve us. There are new energies for 2012 of higher vibrations of love coming in. It is a good time to exercise the intention of taking the high road in all areas of conflict. Be the world you want to live in. Be the love you want others to give you. Love in all forms of relationships is the theme of 2012.

Love thy neighbor/enemy, co-worker, etc. No matter how evil or ugly they choose to behave. We are all connected. By loving them; you are giving yourself love and forgiveness. Forgiveness is important. Gentleness and love to self are also highlighted. Many people are too harsh and hard on themselves. It is time to first love thyself unconditionally, then others. Realize we all do the best that we can. We have our own lessons and past experiences to overcome in an ongoing effort to give and receive love.

2012 is about letting go of the past, forgiveness, and expansion both individually and as a group. It is about living in this moment.

Confidence....Archangel Michael is guiding all of us to embrace and take action for the year 2012. We each are being called and being given the confidence to step into our divine life purpose/ mission/cause. He is also escorting in this new energy of love and light to assist us in rising above the energies or activities of darkness(not knowing, not divinely connected, feeling one is separate from God, when in fact we have never been separate.), anger, envy, jealousy, hostility, conflict, frustration, impatience, disgust, etc.

" Be not afraid to Speak you Truth and to be who you Really are. Act with conviction. Always respond with love and kindness. Be your Authentic Self. Only embark on activities, which you love or evoke joy in your heart. It is time to take inventory of what you want, what is of service to you, and what no longer resonates with you."

In this coming year, 2012, we are all being called upon to be the love and light we want to see/be in this world. By proactively doing the aforementioned; each of us lights the way for many others behind us.

Love-  Be open and ready to accept and receive your divine gifts. God is Alive, does exist, and is in all living things. We are all connected. All living things contain all of the Sacred Geometries.

Forgive all others in 2012 and most importantly, yourselves. By so doing, you open your heart completely to hearing God's divine messages. We angels have always been by your side, caring for you, and leading the way. We are unable to break your free will. Please Call on us for assistance of any kind at any time.

God has a much wider vantage point of the big picture of what happens to each of you. If you remove limitations on HOW or WHAT the answers of your prayers look like (get out of the way- let God bring it in) Miracles and amazing things can be presented. Gifts can be showered in. Abundance comes in many forms. You must ask, step out of the way by eliminating limiting or negative thoughts, believe and act as if you already have it; in order to receive these divine gifts.

Triumphant- Long awaited celebrations for matters of injustice, judgements, deliverance of answers to prayers occur for many in 2012. Rulings, settlements and delivery occur in 2012.

It is a time of celebration; that which lies deepest in your hearts is delivered. It is extremely important to maintain acceptance or rather regular removal of blocks to receiving delivery of abundance and answers to one's prayers. If it is not manifesting- look within to identify thoughts, beliefs or blockages freezing the delivery of what you desire.

Let God decide how and what the answers to your prayers look like/are delivered to you. He has a much broader view and more tools than your human mind could possibly dream up for 2012.

This manifestation message is doubly accented in several of the cards for the year! Always clear any and all mental blocks to receiving. If it is not manifesting; YOU ARE BLOCKED! A small percentage of the time it is about perfect timing.

Blessings of Abundance- A prosperous year for many! We are being asked to Purge/Pare down what we have to only those items we need/are of service to us and what we love. The old adage if you do not use it- you need to convert it to cash for something else that will serve you better.
We are all asked to be more practical- Do I really need these things I possess? Many of us are already compelled to do this intuitively. If you find it hard to let go of things; ask someone, who has no emotional attachment to your things to assist.

I have helped many people to purge, pare down and sell off the things they have "FILLED" their homes, cars and offices with; which truly just clutter the space.  Clutter also blocks abundance!

Are there things you require to start working with your divine life purpose? Now is the time to de-clutter, donate, sell or consign everything that you never use, need or want. The money you raise can be used for essentials or things we desire; but do not have yet.

We are also guided to rearrange our rooms to be more energetically charged and inviting for us to live in the space. The house/room LITERALLY feels BETTER and more inviting!  It is PALPABLE after you shift things in your home!

Know and believe the money is coming in. We are also being asked to identify gifts, talents and abilities; which can bring in money or be bartered in order to obtain the things we need.

Blessings of Abundance-  Abundance in all forms is accented this year. New jobs for some, moves and relocation for others, a happy year.  Again, we are urged to do daily clearings on ourselves; in order to remain open to receiving abundance in all forms.  Do you have positive views as to receiving money?  What is your attitude towards being abundant?  If it is negative; release the old false beliefs and blocks.

Steady Progress- Even when things appear stalled or backwards; you are making progress. The year starts off with Rest, Regroup, rethink, co-create a new beginning, new Earth, decisions, etc are the theme!

Vision Boards, Affirmations, identifying what one wants or does not want in one's life are all MAJOR focal points suggested not only in January; but all year long.

What do I want for myself for this year?
How do I want to feel?
What relationships are no longer working?

Focus sending love and light to people, buildings, cities, states, situations, the earth, the planet, etc,

The Dove has long been viewed as the symbol for peace and the Holy Spirit. It is now a more peaceful time than the previous intense years. Stress for many is removed or significantly reduced.  If you get out of the way, let go of self criticism and judgement, let go of old ways; which no longer work or serve and love yourself, 2012 will be an amazing year. Let new work enter without restrictions; new opportunities will enter in. Let go of limiting expectations like I need a job that looks like what I used to do.  More people are urged to become entrepreneurs.

There is a reason why things have changed in the workplace. It is time to go into your heart and identify without logic! what you really want to do 8 hours a day.

The olive branch indicates making peace both within yourself and in the world with others. It is now a time of forgiveness, releasements on all levels of being. Resolutions to conflicts- Celebrations.

Many of you have already prepared and done the work already. For you, the celebrations of golden light and opportunities shower in immediately. By exercising mindfulness; what else do you want to co-create. Perhaps it is time to embrace and step into teaching others what you have already learned beyond just being the example.

All things are possible.
All things are Divinely guided.
All living things are connected.
Thoughts truly become things.
Watch your thoughts, consciously co-create, change your life, change the world to a love filled place to live for all!
You can literally have the life you want; as soon as you stop projecting the life you do not want!!!!!
1/ Identify
2/ Be specific without limiting the hows and whens and whats
3/ Do affirmations daily in the shower and about your day
IE. I am wealthy, I am healthy, I am slender, I am accepting my ideal position for at least $300,000 per year etc etc

I personally have seen amazing things manifested by practicing affirmations daily and dreaming of what it feels like to have them already!
4/ Hold the vision


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Manifesting your Dreams

I was awakened and asked to write this entry....ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE...
It is important that you believe you are worthy of receiving. You must also be willing to receive and accept that which you are asking for. And finally, you must believe and act as if you already have that which you are asking for.
If you are not manifesting ie. abundance, new job are either blocked to receiving or it is not the right timing to receive. Ask yourself...what am I holding in belief about that which I am asking for...

Friday, September 30, 2011

Dare to Be Different/ Identify Your Gifts

As I walked my daily walk; I came upon a huge patch of sea grass(?).  The section of this succulent type plant was far vaster than the picture depicts.  I was amazed that only one plant in the entire grouping or perhaps family of plants stood out to me.  It was blooming in different colors begging to be recognized and loved for it's individuality.  I love the pink colors!!! I thought to myself- How interesting! 

It reminded me of how unique or different each of us truly is.  We were divinely created to be unique for a reason.  Each of us has our own beauty, radiance, divine presence, and gifts to share with the world/group/family etc.

It was truly the first time I took a picture; which reflected back to me a great representation of being the same (plant) and being different at the same time.  There have been many times; where I did not fit in or felt different.  In my younger years, I was picked on like most kids :-)  It's all good- we were all just trying to survive our younger years!

The angels guide me to say,"  Embrace your unique gifts, abilities and talents.  It is important for you to identify what these gifts are.  For they are outlets for you to make a difference in the world!   They are additional heartfelt ways to generate friends, income, peace etc.  May you embrace being different!  It is both safe to be who you really are and safe to speak the truth."

Remember when others are harsh; we are actually reflecting a piece of themselves back to them; which they are not ready to face and deal with.  The anger is truly not at us; but rather at themselves.  We are all one. Love one another even during the challenging times.

I am sending love to every living thing on this earth.  Please join me in anchoring more divine light to one another.

Blessings of Inner Peace and Abundance Always

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Remembrance of How Far We Have Come

It is amazing how fast time goes by.  So much happens in one's life.  It feels as if we live many lifetimes in the space of a lifetime.  We evolve and grow as a person.  We decide our preferences, dislikes and which paths to take.  We keep traveling to new destinations; which are not just places; but are also new experiences, people and lessons.  We do not often look back to see how much we have achieved or how far we have gone.

Then, one day, in a heartbeat, something changes....
For me, it was placing myself on Facebook.  I looked at all the wonderful people,who I have known or been blessed to have known; even if just for a moment, with immense gratitude.  I have been through a lot in my lifetime!  I have moved many times.  (I love experiencing new places, people, foods and cultures.  I have also not ,until recently, fallen in love with a place in the country; where I would want to call it my permanent home.  It is hard for many of my family members to understand.)  I have lost everything I owned in a natural disaster, overcame a serious illness, went to many different schools for healing, rebuilt myself from a bankruptcy, relocated 4 times to places without family within 1000 miles, had several wonderful and heartbreaking long term relationships, strengthened my relationship with God on many occasions, embraced my intuitive and healing abilities, traveled all over the US, traveled to Italy and Greece, gained more courage to speak my truth, stand up for my beliefs, set boundaries for how I would like to be treated, learned to love myself unconditionally (when so many in my lifetime could not),embarked on a spiritual pilgrimage spanning from Sedona, AZ to Maui to Kona,HI to Sedona, AZ to Mt. Shasta, CA,  and much more.  I am not complaining.  For each adversity has enabled me to learn and grow on a soul level.  I forgive all those people; who have forsaken me.  I am actually quite grateful to everyone.

My entire life passed before my very eyes in reconnecting with people; who entered my life in High School, in the workplace, in Healing Classes, ATP friends and fellow practitioners, family etc.  I am very grateful that I found the courage to finally place myself out there on a global basis.  I also realized just how far I have come, how much has changed within me, and  how grateful I am even to those; who disliked me in the past.

I wish for each of you- peace, love and gratitude for who you are, who you were, and the achievements each of you has made.  With Immense Love and Gratitude!  Julia

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Divine Messages in Songs

For as long as I can remember; I have always had songs playing in my head!  I remember going on a family vacation; where we were crabbing.  I could not get the song " Playing with the Queen of Hearts" out of my mind.  I was singing it all day.  I am surprised I was not thrown OVERBOARD by my family!  I was thinking the entire time of catching more and more crabs.  (Now, I feel badly as they are our friends in the Ocean.) I must have driven my entire family nuts that day!  Bless their hearts! 

The songs have always been perfectly timed.  The messages right on in the moment.  I will have to add another post in the future as I am not remembering all of the songs tonight.

Some of the angels repeated favorites are:   "The Wheels on the Bus GO Round and Round"- (Message life is supposed to be fun!  I need to have some fun time!) (OR those around me, need me to loosen them up or not take life or work so seriously) by breaking into song!!!!)
" Jimmy Cracked Corn and I Don't Care"  (BTW Where did this one come from anyway!  I think this song is hilarious!  It always makes me smile and laugh!) Who is Jimmy anyway? 
" Crazy for trying, crazy for loving you, etc." by Patsy Klein
"Tom's Diner" By Suzanne Vega- I get this one alot for the beat or at other times for the words.
"You are My Sunshine"
" Calling all Angels"- especially- "show me a sign; let me know you are there." (usually when I have asked for a sign.)
" Please won't you be my neighbor"  Mr Rodgers Theme song.
"Spinning Wheels" " What goes up...must come down...etc." (Hilarious!)
"Sometimes you feel like a nut; sometimes you don't... "
" Beautiful Dreamer..."

I never know what songs will come up; but I am 100% POSITIVE that the songs will keep coming.  On the days I delay awakening; I am often given songs with relevant messages in the lyrics to jolt me out of bed.   These messages may be the actual words in the song or the theme of the song.  The beat of the song may even be the message.  I have embraced these songs over time.  EXCEPT, when the song is really sort of annoying.  Then, I ask other people to help me to replace the tune.  I have noticed though, that until I really look at the words and the tune to determine the message- the song does not go away.  As soon as I recognize what the message is; it vanishes as quickly as it came.

All of my closest friends, chime in immediately singing right along with me.  I am so grateful to each and every one of them!  My sister and I have always had the musical connection.  We sing often when we have been blessed with time together!

I have always known that the songs have been Divine Messages.  Some of the tunes actually date back to before I was born!

As I walked around the water this evening; I started hearing a marching band playing. It immediately made me smile.  I had just taken action with courage regarding a speaking your truth matter in my personal life.  It took a lot of courage for me to take action.  The music immediately made me feel great!  I was inspired during my entire walk!

I had forgotten how significant the messages or words or no words in the Lyrics truly have in reference to things I have gone through looking back.  I am so grateful!

Music is so healing also.  If we sing and move our bodies; we become more aligned.

I wrote this blog as a reminder to all of you; to stop, smile and take notice of your own songs.  These songs can also be songs you hear on the radio.

Blessings to ALL!  May you find the Divine Miracles and Divine Love in your daily life.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Angel Signs

I, like many, have been going through some challenging times these past few months.  I have been praying, affirming, believing, and clearing myself of fears, worries, concerns and negative energies/ situations. This is extremely important; to stay unblocked.  Some of these changes have been involuntary; but definitely Divinely Guided.  At times, my head has been reeling from the fast pace at which things have occurred.  This is not something new for me by any means.  Nevertheless, it does not make it any easier to embrace rapid change.

I decided to start walking daily.  As I began my journey, I started praying and talking to God.  I was guided to look up into the sky.  AMAZINGLY!  There before my very eyes was the largest Angel Cloud I have ever seen in my life!  The feather like detail was so vivid! 
The message I received was, " Of course, all prayers are heard and answered. You are Clear."  I had been asking for a sign of late as I have had to clear some negative energies from my fields.  I asked for a sign of reassurance that God was actually able to hear my prayers. I was asking to make sure the blockages I had cleared where completely gone. . 
I wanted to share the miracle!  This picture was taken by me.  I wanted everyone to see it no matter where they live!  Angels are really all around us and everywhere!  They carry our prayers and deliver Divine messages to us.  They truly want to help us to be happy and at peace.
  My pictures truly do not do it any justice! 

May you be blessed with your own miracles!  I am so grateful!
Love Julia

Friday, September 9, 2011

Meditations in nature/ Quieting the Mind

I have taken this photograph at a place I recently visited.  I find the shores of the Northern California Coast to be the particularly healing!  The land is untouched in so many places.  I wanted to share this beautiful picture with all of you!  ENJOY THE VIEW!

It is becoming more and more important to quiet one's mind.  Meditation gives us the opportunity to quiet the chatter of the mind.  Meditation allows us to sit quietly to connect with God and his messengers, The Angels.  By quieting our minds; we are not replacing the other ways in which we each are drawn to connect with God.  Instead, we are taking the time to create sacred space to personally connect no matter where we are, and what circumstances we find ourselves in.  In an era of great change, natural disasters, weather pattern changes and challenging economic times; the angels advise that it is so important to routinely meditate to find a place of inner peace in the face of chaos.  There are wonderful miracles; which are gifts given to those who meditate on a regular basis.

I have experienced some of them myself.  It is my wish that each of you will experience them for yourselves as well.  God is alive.  God is alive in each of us.  God is in all living things.  Many people are still asleep spiritually.  More and more people are awakening.  It would be too much if everyone were to awaken all at once.

It is time to send love and forgiveness to each other and to all living things.  It is a time to quiet the chatter of the ego.  A time to heal and love one another and ourselves.  Many of us have become so critical of ourselves due to other people criticizing or judging our every move.

This part of the blog is about how to meditate.  Many people find it hard to sit still or quiet their minds.  Have you ever looked at a scene like the picture at the top? Meditation can be as simple as sitting quietly looking at nature.  Take a deep breath in ands exhale.  With each exhale, let out all the tension, fears, worries and concerns.  Take another deep breath.  Exhale releasing even more cares, worries and concerns.  Picture divine white light coming into your body and warmly surrounding you.  Ask Archangel Michael to protect and surround you with the Angels of the Light.  Relax...hear the sounds of nature...imagine the waves breaking on the beach in the distance.  Visualize each wave washing away all the heaviness of the day...

At this point close your eyes and listen to the sounds of nature.  Focus on how relaxed your body feels.  Just be in this quiet moment.  If you are still having a challenge at this point; you might try to select a theme.

Some suggested themes are:
Peace, etc. 

Go within your own heart and let go.  Just be in the moment.

When your meditation session is complete; open your eyes and gradually return to your surroundings.

I would also suggest listening to any one of the wonderful musical meditation CD's out there!  It does help in extraordinary ways. 

The first few times; you may notice how busy your mind chatter is.  Watch your thoughts.  Visualize each thought being carried on a cloud into the Light.  Focus on your heart beat or a theme.  Cut the cords of whatever thoughts come to you.  Quiet your mind.  Let all you cares and worries fade into the silence.

I would suggest meditating daily preferably at the same time each day.  I find it very helpful to walk outdoors with a portable CD player or Ipod.  It is also a good thing to carry a journal to record any epiphanies, divine messages or experiences.

You can start meditating for a short time period.  Some people use a timer.

Be at Peace!

Blessed Be,

Speaking One's Truth

I have learned that each of us carries our own fears, worries and concerns about being who we really are.  It is quite evident that we live in an extremely judgemental and critical world.  Even when we truly make an effort to rise above this behavior; it can be challenging for even the most spiritually awake person to always be in a place of discernment and love for all others no matter what their words or actions are.

I have personally been wrestling with putting myself out there globally as a divine channel, crystal programmer and healer; who is of humble service to others in need.  It has taken me 3 years to actually get a website, Facebook, blog and Twitter page.  I realized that I had to recognize, acknowledge my behaviors and release them in order to rise above and remove the fears.  These fears were in fact blocking me from being of service and doing what I love.  I was also subconsciously delaying stepping into my divine life purpose by activities like games, researching, bartering, movie watching, talking on the phone, etc. 

Last night- I simply decided to put my foot down, to take action, to get my website ready by the end of this weekend.  I know I am protected and safe to be who I really am.  I am loved divinely and to me that is really all that matters.
I decided to write this entry as an inspiration to others.  It is okay to be different!  It is okay to be in service to the Divine!  AND it is okay to be utilizing one's gifts to assist others to achieve inner peace.  Unfortunately, there will always be those who do not understand, or accept or acknowledge that we are in fact working in service to the Light. 

The angels remind me that there are many souls at different levels of understanding.  They remind me that each soul has different triggers, lessons and experiences that they have come into this life to learn from.   "For they know not what they do..."  Forgiveness of self and others is most important.  Truly loving others is unconditional....." For they know not what they do."

My wishes for all of you....

May you find the courage, motivation and inspiration to truly be who you are.  May you step into a new period of your life; where you do what you love.  May you easily and effortlessly identify your Divine gifts, talents and abilities.  May all of those closest to you love and support you.  And most of all; be at peace and be happy!

Blessings of Love, Joy and Abundance now and always!
Love Always

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hmm...What is all of the Intense Energy coming in now about????

Hello to all on yet another glorious day!  I am being guided to write not one but 2 entries on this date.  I am a Sagittarius Ascendant 27 degrees...(the Galactic Center of the Milky Way.)  I mention this only because I had actually been wondering as to when I would be asked to write more pressing topics for those guided to the blog in pursuit of inner peace or some answers.  I then just dismissed any thoughts about this very topic.

I started my day with a stop for coffee at a wonderful  local coffee house.  There was an interesting and happy man sitting enjoying the conversation and his coffee.  We amazingly begin speaking instantly about the state of the unrest today.  He then fingered through a National Geographic magazine in search of a picture he wanted to share with me.  SO AMAZING! The synchronicities!  He points to a picture of a meteor shower photographed right along side the Milky Way including the Galactic Center!  At first, he could not make it out- then he realized- Aha That is the Milky Way.

I was guided to speak of my ascendant and of my Angel work, healing facilitation and self mastery classes.  He said to me, " Do you have a card?  I have been wanting to do more work on self mastery.  I remind myself all the time.  When the student is ready; The Teacher appears."    I am unsure as to who actually coined the phrase.  I have been told that old adage for the last 20 some odd years.

He asked me straight out if I knew/believed etc. that some of us would truly disappear as foretold in the description of the Rapture.  I told him, " Absolutely."  There will be seekers who reconnect within their hearts and minds; who will raise their vibrations with integrity and love God above the 3rd and 4th dimensions.  Their vibrations will so high that they will disappear from this dimension. 

As my day progressed at lightning speed, ( yes time is speeding up!) a fellow awakened Lightworker happened to phone asking about what the intense energies of this week are about.  I explained that the old energies of fear/control/competition/anger/hatred/bloodshed, etc.are truly on their way out.  The planet and it's people are awakening and vibrating at higher levels.  As more and more people reconnect with their intuitive/Higher Self and God/Creator of All That Is/Universe less of the lower energies can be masked.  Lies will be impossible.  For many awakened ones- already are told when deception is taking place.  The Indigo children can actually scan the aura of each person they come into contact with.  They instantly know whether they are of integrity and love OR NOT.

Nevertheless, there are truly intense energies flowing in at this time.  I have been very aware of it in my own daily life.  ( I do not watch TV, the news, or view junk of a negative context on the Internet.)  I had things planned each day this week- guess what- Divinely- there were other plans.  After about 4 hours of trying to make things happen.  I finally stopped fighting the natural flow of things.  I stepped back and let the Light lead the way.  As soon as I released my resistance; I started to truly enjoy the moment.  (Until I accepted the situation; I was caught in a Rip Tide of energy.)

Even more simplistically the energy can be described as being like the tide changes.  The old lower/negative energies are being removed and replaced by the higher vibrations of love, connectedness and cooperation.  As we all connect with one another as we are truly all ONE; corruption, fear, concern will become archaic.  These behaviors will become cliche.  No one will be able to lie or mask their intentions.  We will all be able to see the auric field/colors/intentions of one another.  And eventually, we will be so connected that we will speak telepathically rather than using the Internet.

Getting back to the energies of the time-- There is energetic pushing and pulling going on.  A good description of this weeks energy from my point of view could be equated to being caught in a rip tide.  If you are trying to make things happen with your day AND you are being thrown in different directions; it is best to ride the tide out then swim out of the current.  Then, go with the flow.  You will be less tired. Trust that everything in the moment is how it is divinely guided to be.  Everything is completely on schedule and in Divine Order.

I would also suggest viewing at yourself or the planet (also a living being).  Take away the drama.  Take away the story of what is actually going on with you or around you.  Look at what emotions are arising to be recognized, cleansed and released.   Fear will either trigger one to be in more fear.  OR most likely, will shift more and more people into awakening.  We have NEVER been separate from God.  The Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and our Guides have ALWAYS been right by our sides.  "Be Not Afraid!" per Archangel Michael.

We are all shifting.  Many people are awakening to see their shadow sides.  We are all healing and releasing that which is of a lower vibration within ourselves.  Things we tolerated before within our own behavior and the behavior of others will shift.  Our planet is also shifting.  She is raising her vibrations also.

So as the chaos and propaganda of fear escalates.  Shield yourself with the Light and sacred geometry.  Pray in whatever way brings you closest in your heart and mind with God, Our Creator of ALL THAT IS.  Send Love ( I envision rose quartz colored pure divine unconditional love  in hearts of light going to each and every living thing on the planet, in the universe, Galaxy etc.  We are all One.  Only Love and Light are Real!  The rest is an illusion to help our souls achieve self mastery.

May you find the miracle of every moment, the joy of awakening and happiness of achieving inner peace of mind now and evermore!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A channeled message regarding The Great Journey Here

Greetings and Salutations Dear Ones!

It is with great energy and excitement that we greet all of you at such an exciting time.  Remember dear ones all lower vibrational emotions including fear are truly illusions.  The only thing that is real is love and light.  When we awaken and realize that we are all one and that only love is real; everything else seems so unimportant.

Yes, these are chaotic and to some scary times. 

Everything is truly in Divine Order and in perfect timing. As many of you know, there is no such thing as a coincidence.  The more connected we become from within; the more synchronistic events occur in our lives.  It is with an open heart, an open mind combined with pure gratitude and integrity that each of us finds our way.  There are many paths and many at different levels. Recognize the Light within each and every living thing.

Imagine at some point; each of you agreed to go on a great journey.  You each agreed to forget who you really are, where you came from and the endless knowledge of who you are and eons of history; to experience a feeling of separateness from our creator and all that is- to feel the illusion of lower emotions such as fear, worry, concern, anxiety, etc. 

When all along we have actually never been separate, never been in a place of lack or fear.  Imagine as a parent- sitting back and allowing ones siblings to explore, make mistakes and truly experience this illusory journey.   Our creator has blessed us with Angels at our sides.  All we need to do is call on them for assistance.  They respond immediately.  Our creator blesses us with free will and full experience of all that we co-create.

The journey is one of of self discovery back to learning who we really are.    Once you remember who you really are- you experience and learn empowerment.  This experience in it's entirety is for soul growth and maturity and a road to self mastery.
It is also an exciting adventure.

So whenever you may get frightened-detach from the drama or the story, embrace the emotion; then clear and cleanse it from your beingness.  Call in the Light.  You are safe, love and cared for in every moment.  Look for the synchronicities and many miraculous signs coming to you in each and every moment of each and every day.  If only you would notice, say thank you...more and more is showered unto you.

Be At Peace!  A shower of golden light  surrounds you now and evermore.
We love you

A channeled message from The Angels and The Emissaries of the Light

Blessings Always

Friday, January 28, 2011

Clearings and Healings

I am about to embark on an additional avocation; which was once quite fruitful for me.  I have always been involved on some level with doing that which can change a life and make a difference.  As I step into the new avocation; which is commission based;  there is a small window prior to new income being received,  I like most people have been working somewhere earning significantly less than I am worthy of.  I have moonlighted performing my healings, clearings and classes.  An old pain in my lower back returned along with fears of not having enough.  Unlike the past; I recognized exactly what was surfacing to be recognized, released and completely cleared. 

Armed with the knowledge and successful manifestation abilities from the journey; I created sacred space, had my personal conversations with God, Our Creator, and surrounded myself with the Archangels, Angels and Emissaries of the Light.  I surrendered the situation, the fears, the worries, that which is seen by my earthbound eyes to be lifted off of me now and evermore.  I surrendered my life and the power and control to God, the Light, for the Highest and Purest Outcome for all concerned.  The tears flowed indicating my heart chakra was completely opening as the clearings commenced.  I am now completely at peace.

We become blocked from Divine Guidance; when we are filled with fear and negativity.  Our prayers and affirmations are always heard; but we often delay or fail to see the synchronicities coming into us as answers to our prayers.  Many times we can not hear the divine guidance or miraculous signs from above because we are immersed in the downward spiral of negativity.  Nevertheless; we all process and learn how to rise above the fear.  Each of us may experience different ways to awaken to have faith or hope to bring us back into receiving the abundance.

It has also been my experience that the largest blessings are delivered at the 19th hour; which is oftentimes the most perfect divine timing.  An example of this from my own life is experience is as follows....

In 2008, I embarked on a spiritual pilgrimage or sabbatical; which lasted until April of 2009.  Prior to 2008; I have always been a hard worker, who was always successful at making money.  I meditated, read, walked, traveled to several sacred sites, took inventory of my shadow sides, fears, worries, heart breaks, etc.  I started tearing down my internal ethereal walls and ceilings. I embraced my inner child. 

In the beginning of the "Depression of 2009" as I like to call it; I returned back to work.  I had always been able to make sales.  Always.  Well, in 2009 I worked for 2 companies selling consulting work and could not make a sale.  I kept my thoughts positive, performed my affirmations daily, and kept living off of my savings.  Needless to say, my savings ran completely out.  I started looking for work.  There were times in 2009; when for the first time in my entire life- I had no money even for food.  I was guided divinely to different places to get things provided.  I sold off almost all that I had.  I was guided to move 4 times. 

I am not going to sugar coat it-- there were dark hours of self loathing and pity.  I embraced deeply at times the shadow side.  I then rose above it.  I always visualized the light at the end of the tunnel.  I continued performing my affirmations.  Each day I would start by saying...." As is it Written, when 2 or more come together in agreement on this earth in Jesus' name....myself on a conscious level, "!!!!!!"(the name of my prayer partners) on a subconscious level...we are in agreement to the following....
I then listed all the things we wanted to manifest.  The first was that I am receiving a bonus check of $5000.00 coming to me now. This particular affirmation was said from April through January of 2010.
When the affirmations were complete; the prayer ended as follows:  As it is written; when 2 or more gather in His Holy Name; So shall He be with us And So Shall it Be Granted. Amen.
(Also of note, I respect all religions.  I have a close relationship with Jesus. I was raised Catholic.  I have attended many diverse religious meetings/masses/etc. in my lifetime.  I have connected in my heart and my mind with God, Our Creator. I work in communion with God every day.)

At the darkest hour of time and faith; I received an unexpected (expected as I had been asking for it for almost a year!) check for $7000.00.  My heart opened again with so much gratitude and thankfulness.  The check came from my Father.  It healed so many things for me on so many levels with him.  The check not only provided for me at a time needed the most; but also for the healings and releasing needed.  I will never forget the selfless and kind act he performed for me.

I have endured much and will be sharing more stories.  I have been told by the Angels that it was for this very blog and for those guided to read it that I endured these experiences.

I love all of you...may you see all the miracles before you today...look...listen..and be grateful.  They are everywhere.

Blessings- More later

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Introduction to The Awakenings Blog

I will be sharing channeled messages from the Archangels and Angels.  I will also be sharing my personal stories and experiences as it relates to awakening spiritually on all levels of being.  It is important to know that the angels and Archangels are in almost every religion.  Their objective is to help bring peace to the world one person at a time AND to help us to remember Who we really are and Why we are really here.  I have had to work on releasing and clearing my own personal blockages to speaking my truth.  I have been clearing my throat chakras.  I am stepping out with the courage and wisdom to help make a difference in every way possible to those who are on a quest to discover their personal truths.  Tonight will be a brief posting.  My first step is to post the blog.  The next step for me will be to create a Facebook page.

It is interesting to note that I am unafraid of speaking in large or small groups in person.  Yet, being posted globally has brought up memories of other times; which definitely needed to be cleared.  I am also working on shielding from the lower vibrations of judgements and criticisms. 

May you all be blessed with an abundance of love laughter joy and happiness now and in every moment.
Good Night