Thursday, September 15, 2011

Angel Signs

I, like many, have been going through some challenging times these past few months.  I have been praying, affirming, believing, and clearing myself of fears, worries, concerns and negative energies/ situations. This is extremely important; to stay unblocked.  Some of these changes have been involuntary; but definitely Divinely Guided.  At times, my head has been reeling from the fast pace at which things have occurred.  This is not something new for me by any means.  Nevertheless, it does not make it any easier to embrace rapid change.

I decided to start walking daily.  As I began my journey, I started praying and talking to God.  I was guided to look up into the sky.  AMAZINGLY!  There before my very eyes was the largest Angel Cloud I have ever seen in my life!  The feather like detail was so vivid! 
The message I received was, " Of course, all prayers are heard and answered. You are Clear."  I had been asking for a sign of late as I have had to clear some negative energies from my fields.  I asked for a sign of reassurance that God was actually able to hear my prayers. I was asking to make sure the blockages I had cleared where completely gone. . 
I wanted to share the miracle!  This picture was taken by me.  I wanted everyone to see it no matter where they live!  Angels are really all around us and everywhere!  They carry our prayers and deliver Divine messages to us.  They truly want to help us to be happy and at peace.
  My pictures truly do not do it any justice! 

May you be blessed with your own miracles!  I am so grateful!
Love Julia

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