Sunday, August 26, 2012

Peacefulness- How do we achieve it when we are always waiting? How do we Master the tests of Patience?

As I started my day, I began to ponder the lesson we each are repeatedly taught or rather given regarding patience.  I read a post from someone; which started me thinking about exactly how much waiting we do in a given day, week, month, year. lifetime etc.  It seems that no matter who you are; there are constant trials or tests of one's patience.

I would like you to peruse or try a one day experiment or longer if you desire.  Take a journal, or IPAD, pad and pen {still my preferred approach :-) }  Start writing down or entering your totals starting with getting up in the morning.

Take a day...just one day...and journal or make a mental note of:
 a/ How you handle the waiting
b/ How long you are waiting
c/ How many hours are you actually NOT Waiting

When you think about how many hours we spend awake 16 hours a day (some people like myself have sleep less than 8 hours).  Most people work about 8 hours a day; which leaves 8 hours of the day left.  How long do you wait in traffic during your commute in traffic to work?  How long do you wait in line to check out for coffee, groceries, clothing, etc, purchases? How long do you wait in the waiting room for doctor's appointments, etc.?  How long do you sit waiting for the traffic light to change to green? How long do you wait to be seated at a restaurant for dining out OR how long do you wait while the meal is being cooked?How much time do we wait for technology to function?  We have been programmed to expect everything immediately.  The list of How Longs is actually endless...

My Point, in all of this,  is not to depress or stress anyone out; but rather, to propose a strategy to live 
more peacefully.   You can either choose to react negatively and unhappily every time OR choose to rise above the negative reactions to a place of peacefulness by using the time waiting wisely.  

I, personally, am a list writer.  These days I bring my pen and pad with me everywhere I go.  I have a list of the many things I need to handle along with a strategy on how to tackle as much as I can in a day; while finding time to have some fun.  I am not always successful at the fun part (I am still learning too); but nonetheless, accomplish a lot and stay happy or peaceful.

I also try to make at least one person smile whenever I am in a line etc.  It lifts everyone's mood including my own.  Facebook can be a great diversion if you are not driving.  I will often get inspired to take pictures; while I am out and about.  I will post them and write some words to go along with them.

I think of what I need to do in my heart of hearts to be happy, to help others etc.  There are also moments; when I think about all the things I am grateful for.  Other times, I will say prayers or affirmations.  The ideas are endless.  What would you add as ideas to pass the time productively?

I have become a much more peaceful person as a result of consciously staying happy.  I also find that the additional lessons of patience thrown my way have reduced.  I am very grateful for this too.

My Wish for Each of You Today.....May you find a way to alter your reactions to be always from a place of unconditional love.  After all, ONLY LOVE IS REAL.

Wishing you Divine Blessings Always and Much Love,  Julia 

 LOL...The Ice Cream truck just drove by playing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"  Then, changed over to when the Saints Come Marching In."  Very interesting indeed. :-)

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