Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Reading Prosperous Year

I was guided to pull 8 cards for the year 2012. I was asked to deliver a channeled set of messages to go along with them regarding the upcoming year. The 8 cards are: Healing, confidence, love, triumphant, blessings of abundance, peacefulness,Steady progress and Believe.

We are entering a time of instant manifestation. It is recommended to watch and consciously control our thoughts to bring into ones life positive loving energies to self, others and the planet. For those who master this concept; the year will be prosperous, love filled and peaceful.

We are all starting the new year; where many of are still clearing beliefs, emotions etc., which no longer serve us. There are new energies for 2012 of higher vibrations of love coming in. It is a good time to exercise the intention of taking the high road in all areas of conflict. Be the world you want to live in. Be the love you want others to give you. Love in all forms of relationships is the theme of 2012.

Love thy neighbor/enemy, co-worker, etc. No matter how evil or ugly they choose to behave. We are all connected. By loving them; you are giving yourself love and forgiveness. Forgiveness is important. Gentleness and love to self are also highlighted. Many people are too harsh and hard on themselves. It is time to first love thyself unconditionally, then others. Realize we all do the best that we can. We have our own lessons and past experiences to overcome in an ongoing effort to give and receive love.

2012 is about letting go of the past, forgiveness, and expansion both individually and as a group. It is about living in this moment.

Confidence....Archangel Michael is guiding all of us to embrace and take action for the year 2012. We each are being called and being given the confidence to step into our divine life purpose/ mission/cause. He is also escorting in this new energy of love and light to assist us in rising above the energies or activities of darkness(not knowing, not divinely connected, feeling one is separate from God, when in fact we have never been separate.), anger, envy, jealousy, hostility, conflict, frustration, impatience, disgust, etc.

" Be not afraid to Speak you Truth and to be who you Really are. Act with conviction. Always respond with love and kindness. Be your Authentic Self. Only embark on activities, which you love or evoke joy in your heart. It is time to take inventory of what you want, what is of service to you, and what no longer resonates with you."

In this coming year, 2012, we are all being called upon to be the love and light we want to see/be in this world. By proactively doing the aforementioned; each of us lights the way for many others behind us.

Love-  Be open and ready to accept and receive your divine gifts. God is Alive, does exist, and is in all living things. We are all connected. All living things contain all of the Sacred Geometries.

Forgive all others in 2012 and most importantly, yourselves. By so doing, you open your heart completely to hearing God's divine messages. We angels have always been by your side, caring for you, and leading the way. We are unable to break your free will. Please Call on us for assistance of any kind at any time.

God has a much wider vantage point of the big picture of what happens to each of you. If you remove limitations on HOW or WHAT the answers of your prayers look like (get out of the way- let God bring it in) Miracles and amazing things can be presented. Gifts can be showered in. Abundance comes in many forms. You must ask, step out of the way by eliminating limiting or negative thoughts, believe and act as if you already have it; in order to receive these divine gifts.

Triumphant- Long awaited celebrations for matters of injustice, judgements, deliverance of answers to prayers occur for many in 2012. Rulings, settlements and delivery occur in 2012.

It is a time of celebration; that which lies deepest in your hearts is delivered. It is extremely important to maintain acceptance or rather regular removal of blocks to receiving delivery of abundance and answers to one's prayers. If it is not manifesting- look within to identify thoughts, beliefs or blockages freezing the delivery of what you desire.

Let God decide how and what the answers to your prayers look like/are delivered to you. He has a much broader view and more tools than your human mind could possibly dream up for 2012.

This manifestation message is doubly accented in several of the cards for the year! Always clear any and all mental blocks to receiving. If it is not manifesting; YOU ARE BLOCKED! A small percentage of the time it is about perfect timing.

Blessings of Abundance- A prosperous year for many! We are being asked to Purge/Pare down what we have to only those items we need/are of service to us and what we love. The old adage if you do not use it- you need to convert it to cash for something else that will serve you better.
We are all asked to be more practical- Do I really need these things I possess? Many of us are already compelled to do this intuitively. If you find it hard to let go of things; ask someone, who has no emotional attachment to your things to assist.

I have helped many people to purge, pare down and sell off the things they have "FILLED" their homes, cars and offices with; which truly just clutter the space.  Clutter also blocks abundance!

Are there things you require to start working with your divine life purpose? Now is the time to de-clutter, donate, sell or consign everything that you never use, need or want. The money you raise can be used for essentials or things we desire; but do not have yet.

We are also guided to rearrange our rooms to be more energetically charged and inviting for us to live in the space. The house/room LITERALLY feels BETTER and more inviting!  It is PALPABLE after you shift things in your home!

Know and believe the money is coming in. We are also being asked to identify gifts, talents and abilities; which can bring in money or be bartered in order to obtain the things we need.

Blessings of Abundance-  Abundance in all forms is accented this year. New jobs for some, moves and relocation for others, a happy year.  Again, we are urged to do daily clearings on ourselves; in order to remain open to receiving abundance in all forms.  Do you have positive views as to receiving money?  What is your attitude towards being abundant?  If it is negative; release the old false beliefs and blocks.

Steady Progress- Even when things appear stalled or backwards; you are making progress. The year starts off with Rest, Regroup, rethink, co-create a new beginning, new Earth, decisions, etc are the theme!

Vision Boards, Affirmations, identifying what one wants or does not want in one's life are all MAJOR focal points suggested not only in January; but all year long.

What do I want for myself for this year?
How do I want to feel?
What relationships are no longer working?

Focus sending love and light to people, buildings, cities, states, situations, the earth, the planet, etc,

The Dove has long been viewed as the symbol for peace and the Holy Spirit. It is now a more peaceful time than the previous intense years. Stress for many is removed or significantly reduced.  If you get out of the way, let go of self criticism and judgement, let go of old ways; which no longer work or serve and love yourself, 2012 will be an amazing year. Let new work enter without restrictions; new opportunities will enter in. Let go of limiting expectations like I need a job that looks like what I used to do.  More people are urged to become entrepreneurs.

There is a reason why things have changed in the workplace. It is time to go into your heart and identify without logic! what you really want to do 8 hours a day.

The olive branch indicates making peace both within yourself and in the world with others. It is now a time of forgiveness, releasements on all levels of being. Resolutions to conflicts- Celebrations.

Many of you have already prepared and done the work already. For you, the celebrations of golden light and opportunities shower in immediately. By exercising mindfulness; what else do you want to co-create. Perhaps it is time to embrace and step into teaching others what you have already learned beyond just being the example.

All things are possible.
All things are Divinely guided.
All living things are connected.
Thoughts truly become things.
Watch your thoughts, consciously co-create, change your life, change the world to a love filled place to live for all!
You can literally have the life you want; as soon as you stop projecting the life you do not want!!!!!
1/ Identify
2/ Be specific without limiting the hows and whens and whats
3/ Do affirmations daily in the shower and about your day
IE. I am wealthy, I am healthy, I am slender, I am accepting my ideal position for at least $300,000 per year etc etc

I personally have seen amazing things manifested by practicing affirmations daily and dreaming of what it feels like to have them already!
4/ Hold the vision


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