Friday, September 30, 2011

Dare to Be Different/ Identify Your Gifts

As I walked my daily walk; I came upon a huge patch of sea grass(?).  The section of this succulent type plant was far vaster than the picture depicts.  I was amazed that only one plant in the entire grouping or perhaps family of plants stood out to me.  It was blooming in different colors begging to be recognized and loved for it's individuality.  I love the pink colors!!! I thought to myself- How interesting! 

It reminded me of how unique or different each of us truly is.  We were divinely created to be unique for a reason.  Each of us has our own beauty, radiance, divine presence, and gifts to share with the world/group/family etc.

It was truly the first time I took a picture; which reflected back to me a great representation of being the same (plant) and being different at the same time.  There have been many times; where I did not fit in or felt different.  In my younger years, I was picked on like most kids :-)  It's all good- we were all just trying to survive our younger years!

The angels guide me to say,"  Embrace your unique gifts, abilities and talents.  It is important for you to identify what these gifts are.  For they are outlets for you to make a difference in the world!   They are additional heartfelt ways to generate friends, income, peace etc.  May you embrace being different!  It is both safe to be who you really are and safe to speak the truth."

Remember when others are harsh; we are actually reflecting a piece of themselves back to them; which they are not ready to face and deal with.  The anger is truly not at us; but rather at themselves.  We are all one. Love one another even during the challenging times.

I am sending love to every living thing on this earth.  Please join me in anchoring more divine light to one another.

Blessings of Inner Peace and Abundance Always

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