Thursday, January 27, 2011

Introduction to The Awakenings Blog

I will be sharing channeled messages from the Archangels and Angels.  I will also be sharing my personal stories and experiences as it relates to awakening spiritually on all levels of being.  It is important to know that the angels and Archangels are in almost every religion.  Their objective is to help bring peace to the world one person at a time AND to help us to remember Who we really are and Why we are really here.  I have had to work on releasing and clearing my own personal blockages to speaking my truth.  I have been clearing my throat chakras.  I am stepping out with the courage and wisdom to help make a difference in every way possible to those who are on a quest to discover their personal truths.  Tonight will be a brief posting.  My first step is to post the blog.  The next step for me will be to create a Facebook page.

It is interesting to note that I am unafraid of speaking in large or small groups in person.  Yet, being posted globally has brought up memories of other times; which definitely needed to be cleared.  I am also working on shielding from the lower vibrations of judgements and criticisms. 

May you all be blessed with an abundance of love laughter joy and happiness now and in every moment.
Good Night

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