Friday, February 4, 2011

Hmm...What is all of the Intense Energy coming in now about????

Hello to all on yet another glorious day!  I am being guided to write not one but 2 entries on this date.  I am a Sagittarius Ascendant 27 degrees...(the Galactic Center of the Milky Way.)  I mention this only because I had actually been wondering as to when I would be asked to write more pressing topics for those guided to the blog in pursuit of inner peace or some answers.  I then just dismissed any thoughts about this very topic.

I started my day with a stop for coffee at a wonderful  local coffee house.  There was an interesting and happy man sitting enjoying the conversation and his coffee.  We amazingly begin speaking instantly about the state of the unrest today.  He then fingered through a National Geographic magazine in search of a picture he wanted to share with me.  SO AMAZING! The synchronicities!  He points to a picture of a meteor shower photographed right along side the Milky Way including the Galactic Center!  At first, he could not make it out- then he realized- Aha That is the Milky Way.

I was guided to speak of my ascendant and of my Angel work, healing facilitation and self mastery classes.  He said to me, " Do you have a card?  I have been wanting to do more work on self mastery.  I remind myself all the time.  When the student is ready; The Teacher appears."    I am unsure as to who actually coined the phrase.  I have been told that old adage for the last 20 some odd years.

He asked me straight out if I knew/believed etc. that some of us would truly disappear as foretold in the description of the Rapture.  I told him, " Absolutely."  There will be seekers who reconnect within their hearts and minds; who will raise their vibrations with integrity and love God above the 3rd and 4th dimensions.  Their vibrations will so high that they will disappear from this dimension. 

As my day progressed at lightning speed, ( yes time is speeding up!) a fellow awakened Lightworker happened to phone asking about what the intense energies of this week are about.  I explained that the old energies of fear/control/competition/anger/hatred/bloodshed, etc.are truly on their way out.  The planet and it's people are awakening and vibrating at higher levels.  As more and more people reconnect with their intuitive/Higher Self and God/Creator of All That Is/Universe less of the lower energies can be masked.  Lies will be impossible.  For many awakened ones- already are told when deception is taking place.  The Indigo children can actually scan the aura of each person they come into contact with.  They instantly know whether they are of integrity and love OR NOT.

Nevertheless, there are truly intense energies flowing in at this time.  I have been very aware of it in my own daily life.  ( I do not watch TV, the news, or view junk of a negative context on the Internet.)  I had things planned each day this week- guess what- Divinely- there were other plans.  After about 4 hours of trying to make things happen.  I finally stopped fighting the natural flow of things.  I stepped back and let the Light lead the way.  As soon as I released my resistance; I started to truly enjoy the moment.  (Until I accepted the situation; I was caught in a Rip Tide of energy.)

Even more simplistically the energy can be described as being like the tide changes.  The old lower/negative energies are being removed and replaced by the higher vibrations of love, connectedness and cooperation.  As we all connect with one another as we are truly all ONE; corruption, fear, concern will become archaic.  These behaviors will become cliche.  No one will be able to lie or mask their intentions.  We will all be able to see the auric field/colors/intentions of one another.  And eventually, we will be so connected that we will speak telepathically rather than using the Internet.

Getting back to the energies of the time-- There is energetic pushing and pulling going on.  A good description of this weeks energy from my point of view could be equated to being caught in a rip tide.  If you are trying to make things happen with your day AND you are being thrown in different directions; it is best to ride the tide out then swim out of the current.  Then, go with the flow.  You will be less tired. Trust that everything in the moment is how it is divinely guided to be.  Everything is completely on schedule and in Divine Order.

I would also suggest viewing at yourself or the planet (also a living being).  Take away the drama.  Take away the story of what is actually going on with you or around you.  Look at what emotions are arising to be recognized, cleansed and released.   Fear will either trigger one to be in more fear.  OR most likely, will shift more and more people into awakening.  We have NEVER been separate from God.  The Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and our Guides have ALWAYS been right by our sides.  "Be Not Afraid!" per Archangel Michael.

We are all shifting.  Many people are awakening to see their shadow sides.  We are all healing and releasing that which is of a lower vibration within ourselves.  Things we tolerated before within our own behavior and the behavior of others will shift.  Our planet is also shifting.  She is raising her vibrations also.

So as the chaos and propaganda of fear escalates.  Shield yourself with the Light and sacred geometry.  Pray in whatever way brings you closest in your heart and mind with God, Our Creator of ALL THAT IS.  Send Love ( I envision rose quartz colored pure divine unconditional love  in hearts of light going to each and every living thing on the planet, in the universe, Galaxy etc.  We are all One.  Only Love and Light are Real!  The rest is an illusion to help our souls achieve self mastery.

May you find the miracle of every moment, the joy of awakening and happiness of achieving inner peace of mind now and evermore!


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