Friday, September 9, 2011

Meditations in nature/ Quieting the Mind

I have taken this photograph at a place I recently visited.  I find the shores of the Northern California Coast to be the particularly healing!  The land is untouched in so many places.  I wanted to share this beautiful picture with all of you!  ENJOY THE VIEW!

It is becoming more and more important to quiet one's mind.  Meditation gives us the opportunity to quiet the chatter of the mind.  Meditation allows us to sit quietly to connect with God and his messengers, The Angels.  By quieting our minds; we are not replacing the other ways in which we each are drawn to connect with God.  Instead, we are taking the time to create sacred space to personally connect no matter where we are, and what circumstances we find ourselves in.  In an era of great change, natural disasters, weather pattern changes and challenging economic times; the angels advise that it is so important to routinely meditate to find a place of inner peace in the face of chaos.  There are wonderful miracles; which are gifts given to those who meditate on a regular basis.

I have experienced some of them myself.  It is my wish that each of you will experience them for yourselves as well.  God is alive.  God is alive in each of us.  God is in all living things.  Many people are still asleep spiritually.  More and more people are awakening.  It would be too much if everyone were to awaken all at once.

It is time to send love and forgiveness to each other and to all living things.  It is a time to quiet the chatter of the ego.  A time to heal and love one another and ourselves.  Many of us have become so critical of ourselves due to other people criticizing or judging our every move.

This part of the blog is about how to meditate.  Many people find it hard to sit still or quiet their minds.  Have you ever looked at a scene like the picture at the top? Meditation can be as simple as sitting quietly looking at nature.  Take a deep breath in ands exhale.  With each exhale, let out all the tension, fears, worries and concerns.  Take another deep breath.  Exhale releasing even more cares, worries and concerns.  Picture divine white light coming into your body and warmly surrounding you.  Ask Archangel Michael to protect and surround you with the Angels of the Light.  Relax...hear the sounds of nature...imagine the waves breaking on the beach in the distance.  Visualize each wave washing away all the heaviness of the day...

At this point close your eyes and listen to the sounds of nature.  Focus on how relaxed your body feels.  Just be in this quiet moment.  If you are still having a challenge at this point; you might try to select a theme.

Some suggested themes are:
Peace, etc. 

Go within your own heart and let go.  Just be in the moment.

When your meditation session is complete; open your eyes and gradually return to your surroundings.

I would also suggest listening to any one of the wonderful musical meditation CD's out there!  It does help in extraordinary ways. 

The first few times; you may notice how busy your mind chatter is.  Watch your thoughts.  Visualize each thought being carried on a cloud into the Light.  Focus on your heart beat or a theme.  Cut the cords of whatever thoughts come to you.  Quiet your mind.  Let all you cares and worries fade into the silence.

I would suggest meditating daily preferably at the same time each day.  I find it very helpful to walk outdoors with a portable CD player or Ipod.  It is also a good thing to carry a journal to record any epiphanies, divine messages or experiences.

You can start meditating for a short time period.  Some people use a timer.

Be at Peace!

Blessed Be,

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