Friday, January 28, 2011

Clearings and Healings

I am about to embark on an additional avocation; which was once quite fruitful for me.  I have always been involved on some level with doing that which can change a life and make a difference.  As I step into the new avocation; which is commission based;  there is a small window prior to new income being received,  I like most people have been working somewhere earning significantly less than I am worthy of.  I have moonlighted performing my healings, clearings and classes.  An old pain in my lower back returned along with fears of not having enough.  Unlike the past; I recognized exactly what was surfacing to be recognized, released and completely cleared. 

Armed with the knowledge and successful manifestation abilities from the journey; I created sacred space, had my personal conversations with God, Our Creator, and surrounded myself with the Archangels, Angels and Emissaries of the Light.  I surrendered the situation, the fears, the worries, that which is seen by my earthbound eyes to be lifted off of me now and evermore.  I surrendered my life and the power and control to God, the Light, for the Highest and Purest Outcome for all concerned.  The tears flowed indicating my heart chakra was completely opening as the clearings commenced.  I am now completely at peace.

We become blocked from Divine Guidance; when we are filled with fear and negativity.  Our prayers and affirmations are always heard; but we often delay or fail to see the synchronicities coming into us as answers to our prayers.  Many times we can not hear the divine guidance or miraculous signs from above because we are immersed in the downward spiral of negativity.  Nevertheless; we all process and learn how to rise above the fear.  Each of us may experience different ways to awaken to have faith or hope to bring us back into receiving the abundance.

It has also been my experience that the largest blessings are delivered at the 19th hour; which is oftentimes the most perfect divine timing.  An example of this from my own life is experience is as follows....

In 2008, I embarked on a spiritual pilgrimage or sabbatical; which lasted until April of 2009.  Prior to 2008; I have always been a hard worker, who was always successful at making money.  I meditated, read, walked, traveled to several sacred sites, took inventory of my shadow sides, fears, worries, heart breaks, etc.  I started tearing down my internal ethereal walls and ceilings. I embraced my inner child. 

In the beginning of the "Depression of 2009" as I like to call it; I returned back to work.  I had always been able to make sales.  Always.  Well, in 2009 I worked for 2 companies selling consulting work and could not make a sale.  I kept my thoughts positive, performed my affirmations daily, and kept living off of my savings.  Needless to say, my savings ran completely out.  I started looking for work.  There were times in 2009; when for the first time in my entire life- I had no money even for food.  I was guided divinely to different places to get things provided.  I sold off almost all that I had.  I was guided to move 4 times. 

I am not going to sugar coat it-- there were dark hours of self loathing and pity.  I embraced deeply at times the shadow side.  I then rose above it.  I always visualized the light at the end of the tunnel.  I continued performing my affirmations.  Each day I would start by saying...." As is it Written, when 2 or more come together in agreement on this earth in Jesus' name....myself on a conscious level, "!!!!!!"(the name of my prayer partners) on a subconscious level...we are in agreement to the following....
I then listed all the things we wanted to manifest.  The first was that I am receiving a bonus check of $5000.00 coming to me now. This particular affirmation was said from April through January of 2010.
When the affirmations were complete; the prayer ended as follows:  As it is written; when 2 or more gather in His Holy Name; So shall He be with us And So Shall it Be Granted. Amen.
(Also of note, I respect all religions.  I have a close relationship with Jesus. I was raised Catholic.  I have attended many diverse religious meetings/masses/etc. in my lifetime.  I have connected in my heart and my mind with God, Our Creator. I work in communion with God every day.)

At the darkest hour of time and faith; I received an unexpected (expected as I had been asking for it for almost a year!) check for $7000.00.  My heart opened again with so much gratitude and thankfulness.  The check came from my Father.  It healed so many things for me on so many levels with him.  The check not only provided for me at a time needed the most; but also for the healings and releasing needed.  I will never forget the selfless and kind act he performed for me.

I have endured much and will be sharing more stories.  I have been told by the Angels that it was for this very blog and for those guided to read it that I endured these experiences.

I love all of you...may you see all the miracles before you today...look...listen..and be grateful.  They are everywhere.

Blessings- More later

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  1. This is so beautiful, honest and inspiring. You shine a brilliant light.

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